Best food of the future is natural and organic

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What was the best food you have ever tried in your life? How can we make sure that our children eat the best food? What is the best food anyway? And what will be the best food of the future?

Happy people eat happy food. Happy food, just like happy people, enjoy their conditions: they don’t have stresses nor suffer from thirst, hunger or diseases. Happy foods grows in most favorable natural conditions on happy soils. And, happy soils in their turn, enjoy the best conditions the Earth can ever provide: friendly bacteria to supply with nutrients and enough moisture.

Eventually, the best food is well-balanced food. Best balanced food can only grow in an environment which is naturally balanced and doesn’t need any synthetic stimulation

The modern myth of inevitable need for mass production of everything including food has been invented by the large corporations who hardly recognize food for its quality or taste but rather for the profit margin it can deliver them preferrably in any market in the world. Big vendors replace real taste with flavor substitutes and even replace entire core indgridients covering up with all sorts of wellbeing and  health-protection stories.

One good example is butter which is often no longer made of natural cow milk but rather cheaper substitutes like palm oil. The story of “unhealthy” milk-based butter first came based on the attempt to persuade consumers that cholesterol which was contained in cow milk based butter was the reason for many heart deseases. The truth is totally opposite though. Only 25% of all choresterol comes with food (Source: American Heart Association). Out of that percentage, the volume of natural butter has never been as sugnificant to cause any heart deseases. Big vendors of popular butter brands simply needed to make more profit every new year on the traditional product which could not be improved that much anymore. So, they presented pseudo-cardiologists who “educated” consumers about the need of a “healthier” substitute.

The value of the natural taste today has been depreciated by the vendors’ cost-cutting attempt to the cheap, synthetic substitute of a [resembling] flavor. The rich nutrient contents of natural foods have been replaced by the lower-cost substitutes. Corporations will most naturally continue to cut costs on food production thus depreciating its natural value more and more IF ONLY the consumer doesn’t change the eating habbits.

The Best Food of the Future will be the authentic,  naturally grown food. The myth that only mass production or industrial conventional production of food can ensure the stable supply of inexpensive food is fully groundless. The mass production food consumer buy today in supermarkets carries more in marketing and logistics costs than in the actual value of the food itself. Not to mention the extra costs of synthetic conservatives which ensure a longer shelf life of a product in a supermarket.

The best foods of the future will come directly from the healthy fields to trustworthy food stores in your neighbourhood. Small private bakeries will bake tasty bread with flour freshly milled and custom delivered to them. In fact, you as a customer will pre-order that particular loaf of bread to make sure you always get your favorit food (the best food of yours) on time!


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