Most toxic pesticides banned in Europe

Posted on October 6, 2009 under Food Safety, Global Organic News | Be the First to Comment

aeral crop spraying with pesticides banned in EuropeIn January 2009 European Union banned the use of 22 most toxic pesticide substances in all EU-member states. Among the banned toxic substances used within pesticides are primarily those proven to cause cancer, endanger reproduction or genes, as well as those that negatively affect human nervous, immune or hormonal systems.

Substances likely to be harmful to bees will also be outlawed as bees are essential for the pollination of crops, while 20 percent of pesticides are very toxic to bees. The harmful use of pesticides has been the major reason for the recent sudden die-off of bee communities around the Planet.

Aerial crop spraying of pesticides will also be almost completely prohibited, with minor exceptions.

African green revolution

Posted on May 12, 2009 under Global Organic News | Be the First to Comment

The global food crisis and how to stop hunger from escalating in the midst of the current economic crisis will be the subject of a recent G8 meeting of Agricultural ministers in Treviso, Italy. For now, the G8 and the United States continue to advocate the same disastrous policies that got us into the current mess where 1 billion people lack access to adequate food. U.S. agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack has said that biotechnology is necessary to address hunger while the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently approved without much public debate the “Global Hunger Security Act” sponsored by Senators Bob Casey and Richard Lugar, that for the first time would mandate the U.S. to fund genetic engineering projects in foreign agriculture research. Meanwhile, the Gates Foundation h as billions invested in the “Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa.”