Best food pairings: healthies food combinations

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The healthiest food pairings could make you healthier. Food synergy is the basis of the healthiest ¬†organic food diet. “Combining whole, natural foods regularly, amplifying their health benefits via synergistic effects,” explains Drew Ramsey, MD, coauthor of the book. “One key reason the happiness diet is so good for the brain is the amazing number of food synergies that exist between whole, unprocessed foods.” Best and healthiest food combinations are explained by

Best food of the future is natural and organic

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What was the best food you have ever tried in your life? How can we make sure that our children eat the best food? What is the best food anyway? And what will be the best food of the future?

Happy people eat happy food. Happy food, just like happy people, enjoy their conditions: they don’t have stresses nor suffer from thirst, hunger or diseases. Happy foods grows in most favorable natural conditions on happy soils. And, happy soils in their turn, enjoy the best conditions the Earth can ever provide: friendly bacteria to supply with nutrients and enough moisture.

Organic food is the key to healthy living

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There is no doubt that human health is directly dependent on the environment people live in and the food & water they consume daily. Most of the foods come to our tables from soil, directly or indirectly, and the health of soil determines the major qualities of fruit, vegetables and grains (bread or pasta).

Organic or bio food demand has been growing rapidly in the past decade as people have been becoming more knowledgeable about the negative impact of intensive chemical agriculture and aggressive commercial expansion of genetically modified crops.