Organic food is the key to healthy living

Posted on May 12, 2009 under Organic Lifestyle | Be the First to Comment

There is no doubt that human health is directly dependent on the environment people live in and the food & water they consume daily. Most of the foods come to our tables from soil, directly or indirectly, and the health of soil determines the major qualities of fruit, vegetables and grains (bread or pasta).

Organic or bio food demand has been growing rapidly in the past decade as people have been becoming more knowledgeable about the negative impact of intensive chemical agriculture and aggressive commercial expansion of genetically modified crops.

Consumers worldwide have become more concerned about sustainability of the environment and the healthy daily menus.

Organic technologies in agriculture are the only way to ensure the production of organic fruit, organic vegetables and organic grains which constitute the daily menus of the entire World’s population.

Bio or organic food is not a premium segment as it’s often perceived by public. Somewhat higher prices for organic fruit and vegetables in retail outlets are determined by lower volumes of production and higher demand for organic food today.

With more and more farmers around the World turning to organic agriculture, there is a clear and promising future for more efficient organic production technologies such as biodynamic farming. Naturally, more efficient technologies will result in organic agriculture becoming the only acceptable way of growing food for daily consumption worldwide.

Organic food is the ultimate key to healthier living and it is a global responsibility to make organic food affordable for everyone by supporting sustainable agricultural production and promoting organic way of living in every country of the World.

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